Welcome to
BridgeWorks Inc

Hello and Welcome to BridgeWorks, Inc. or "BWI." We're a Hi-Tech corporation, located between San Francisco and the Silicon Valley in California.

BWI builds integrated management systems, using agile technology to achieve performance based and results driven unified objectives. We use "simple" as a guiding principal when considering user experience, functionality, and application architecture.

Okay – what that really means - our focus is technology automation that will replace manual processes for companies, whether within their own infrastructure, or beyond, to other companies that participate in the movement of a product's life cycle. We build the ecosystem that navigates that product's life cycle we just mentioned, and through transparent dashboards, you can watch it thrive and grow.

Our proprietary platform, Visible Changes, supports a set of core componentized features, each one being a management sub-system that can be reused time and again. The system navigates total alignment of an organization's processes to work as a single unit with unified objectives. And, because transparency is inherent in Visible Changes, real time end-to-end business processes showing streamlined and efficient improvements throughout the enterprise, can be viewed as a success or be modified for improvements, quickly. All of this transpires within a secure access environment, with the parameters of transparent viewpoints set according to the specifications of the "Boss" organization. Because the system architecture was designed for a deep level of reporting capabilities, historical transactions can promote trend tracking, setting the stage for forecasting and budget management. Accurate, real time reports can be generated on demand to provide information that enables decision makers to make the most resource-informed decisions. The Visible Changes Agile Platform supports Content Management, Order Management, Supply Chain Management and eCatalog Systems, responding rapidly to change and a speedy deployment – so, you don't have to worry about downtime..

It seems that every level of business will capitalize on as many revenue streams as they can, to make up for lack of revenue in other areas of their business models. For instance: